The Clothing Line By

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Giraffe White.webp
Giraffe T-Shirt
Hedgehog White.webp
Hedgehog T-Shirt
Panda White.webp
Panda T-Shirt
Lion White.webp
Lion T-Shirt
Labrador White.webp
Labrador T-Shirt
Piggy White.webp
Piggy T-Shirt
Scruffy Dog White.webp
Scruffy Dog T-Shirt
Bear White.webp
Bear T-Shirt
Chimp White.webp
Bumblebee White.webp
Bumblebee T-Shirt
Memo Small White.webp
Memo Small Logo T-Shirt
Memo Large White.webp
Memo Large Logo T-shirt
Memo Icon White.webp
Memo Icon T-Shirt
Starman White.webp
Starman Tshirt
Chicken Head White.webp
Chicken Head T-Shirt
Hedgehog White Jumper.webp
Hedgehog Jumper
Bumblebee White Jumper.webp
Bumblbee Jumper
Piggy White Jumper.webp
Piggy Jumper
Memo Small White Jumper.webp
Memo Jumper
Starman White Jumper.webp
Starman Jumper
How to Order

If you’d like to order anything, please email the following information to



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I’ll then be in touch to process payment via bank transfer!

Orders over £50 qualify for free delivery.